Sourav Ganguly.... I am Dada

MasterMind Q&A on Sourav

1)What is common to a 100 mtrs race and Ganguly's innings?
Ans: They both last for the same time

2) How can u say "Get Out" to Ganguly politely?
Ans: Ask him to go to bat

3)If Rahul is "The Wall", what is Ganguly?
Ans: The hole in the wall

4)How can Ganguly save time everyday?
Ans: By not bothering to pad up

5)Who is the only cricketer who does not bat, bowl or field and yet plays international cricket?
Ans: no comments.......

6)Why has Saurav Ganguly been recommended as the fielding coach for India after retirement?
Ans: No one else can provide catches as easily as Ganguly

8)Which was the hottest place in B'lore Chinnaswami Stadium for the past few days?
Ans: The seat Ganguly was sitting in while in the Pavillion.

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