Nirmal Baba Jokes

Nirmal baba aur unke 6 Trainee baba 7 chatai per dhyaan lagakar baithe the.

Ek Aadmi aata hain aur sabse bujurg baba(Nirmal baba) ko Pranam kar poochta hain …

“Maharaj ladki nahi pat rahi hai.. kya Karu…?”

Nirmal Baba sabse chote baba ko pukarta hain…

Aur kehtaa hain “chotu ek aur chatai laga de beta…. ”


  1. very interesting post, u really work hard to get this news but few days back i read this post
    but i found your article far better in terms of knowledge, hats off to you and to your dedication towards your work.

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    1. Thank for the appraises... but please don't post link with your every comment... once or twice its okay..