Cool SMS

Our friendship has become our HABIT
even if U take out H-ABIT remains.
Take out A ,still BIT remains,
Finally take out B,still IT remains....


It is scientifically proved that sugar can dissolve in water,
so please don't go outside when it is raining, 
cuz u r the sweetest in the whole world.


Friends are like fishes
You have to sit patiently for a long time
To catch a nice one
Just like I caught you
Better stay nice or I’ll fry you.


I'm getting married next month.
There would be a small party and
Only a few people will be invited.
Don't bring any gift.
Just bring someone to - Marry Me!


A rupee is easy 2 earn...
but a smile is hard 2 find...
rupee loses its value...
smile increases its worth..
i lost a rupee when i sms u...
but who cares!
i won ur smile...

Funny Hindi SMS Joke

Ladka apni dilruba se pooch raha hai Kya pyaar karna paap hai?

Kya pyaar karna paap hai?

Ladke ka dost uske kaan mein bolta hai "Abbey patli gali pakad peeche uska baap hai"

Can You Do This?

DOG- Hot Dog Prank

Its a Name Game

Grl: What's Your Name?

Boy- Black Lion

Girl- R U Joking?

Boy - No, It Means Kaalu Singh.

And Ur's

Girl - Soft Underwear

Boy- R U Joking?

Girl -no It Means Komal Chadda.

Israel Army