Funny Quotes

Why do the number of traffic accidents with stupid blond girls increase at April 1st.....?
When the traffic light is read they think it is a joke

 Why did the statue of liberty have to be a woman.....?
The head had to be hollow to make a restaurant in it!

Why are men like a toothbrush....?
They are useless without handle.

What is the difference between a battery and a girl.....? 
A battery has also a positive side.

My girlfriend told me, I should be more Affectionate, so i got two Girlfriends.

Common sense is common, but... the use of common sense is uncommon !!!!

Love is a name, Sex is a game. Forget the name and lets play that game!

When an apple is green, it's ready to pluck, When a girl is sixteen she's ready to ..WOOPS...wrong number....

Bride's Dad hands a note to the groom: 'GOODS DELIVERED ARE NOT RETURNABLE.' Groom gave another note back to father: 'CONTRACT VOID IF SEAL IS BROKEN

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